Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Marvel Movie Marathon: A Quick Intro

Before I went to see Avengers: Infinity War last year, I watched all of the Marvel movies in order in preparation. This was before I had properly started blogging again, and I didn't take the opportunity to give my opinions on any of the films or rank them or even just live-tweet my reactions. I had been watching some of these films for the first time, after all, and it would have been the perfect time to write 'first impression' reviews for those ones. For the ones that I had seen multiple times, it would have been fun to pick out little details that I hadn't noticed before.

So now, I'd like to rectify my mistake by watching all of the Marvel movies once again to prepare for the release of Avengers: Endgame, and by reacting to/reviewing each and every one of them. I'm going to buy plenty of popcorn and assorted other snacks, sit back with my notebook, and plough my way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe one more time.

A few things about this marathon before we start:
  1. Technically, I'm not 'marathoning' these movies since I'm not watching them one after another in one day, but eh. I want that sweet sweet alliteration in the title of this little series, so let's just pretend that it's a real movie marathon.
  2. I'm going to watch these films in order of release date (beginning with Iron Man) instead of according to the MCU timeline (beginning with Captain America: The First Avenger). Not sure if that's a controversial move or not, but who really cares? 
  3. I'm going to be ranking them all as I watch them in the same way that I Hate Everything does with his 'Search For The Worst' series: adding each film to the list one at a time until I reach the end of the marathon with a complete ranking from best to worst. The overall ranking will just be based on my personal opinion and how much enjoyment I get out of each film. 
So, with those points in mind, let's begin! Stay tuned for the first instalment tomorrow...


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