Thursday, 16 August 2018

My New York Diary: Day 2

Day 2: A Calmer Day

Friday was going to be another hot day, so I busted out a Scottish summer favourite of mine: this bright orange vest top. I left my hoodie in the hotel so I had one less thing to carry, learning from yesterday's mistake.

Things didn't exactly go to plan in the morning. My folks and my brother had all expressed interest in a boat trip that would take them past the Statue of Liberty, but I was scared that I would get horribly seasick and refused to go. Dad offered to stay behind to keep me company even though he wanted to go out on the river and get some photos on his lovely camera, but once we got to the pier, it seemed like I would be able to stay behind on my own without any trouble. The sun was out, the place was full of tourists and families, and there were police wandering around. It felt pretty safe, so while my family went off on their boat tour, I sat in the shade of a tree by the pier, listening to some music and trying to get some writing done. For about five minutes after they had gone, I was very aware of the fact that I was alone in New York City, but the setting was so beautiful and calm that I was soon at ease. By the time my folks came back, I had gone for a wander down the pier to soak up the sun, and had successfully written a poem.

'new heights'

We then made our way up towards Central Park, stopping for a bite to eat in a busy Pret A Manger (because where else would British tourists like us choose to get lunch?) and arriving at the park just as the weather started to turn a little. As it clouded over, we walked through Strawberry Fields and around the lake before stopping for an ice cream (mostly because I wanted one and was acting like a spoiled child, not gonna lie) and sitting down for a bit to watch the world go by. It was a welcome relief, watching the little boats on the water, and seeing the sun disappear behind the clouds.

First time I've ever tried falafel. Dunno why I'd never had it before - so good!

A tribute to John Lennon

We were set on going to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the Rockefeller Center that night too, but we had done so much walking that we decided against rushing dinner and going back later, choosing to save it for Day 3, when thunderstorms were forecast, and when an evening trip to the top of the building could make for some more impressive photographs. We went for dinner at the Hard Rock Café for dinner (the authentic American experience) before diving into a couple of the shops in Times Square. When Mum said she wanted to look in Old Navy, I scoffed a little in my head, but to my surprise, they had some really adorable graphic tees, so I picked one up for myself. It kinda looks like a Pride shirt if you squint at it sideways, and maybe that's why it caught my eye. Oh, and it's probably one of the most comfortable T-shirts I own, so there's that too.

Caught sight of this in Times Square. I have no idea if it was advertising something or what, but it looks cool and aesthetic, so I'm including it. I'm all about the aesthetic.

'All for one'
And just like that, Day 2 was over. We were halfway through our holiday, at that weird point where it feels like you still have a long time to go before the journey home, but also that you've barely even begun to enjoy your stay. Although Day 2 was a slightly more chilled-out day, it still involved A LOT of walking, and it still involved a lot of me being fed up of walking in the heat and wanting to sit down a lot. Having only four days in a new city and a lot of sights to see takes commitment, and it takes a lot out of you. But somehow, through the heat and the exertion, I managed to enjoy myself. We were in one of the coolest places in the world, after all. Who wouldn't be having a good time?

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