Saturday, 7 July 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge 7/30: Now Playing

Day 7: List 10 songs you're loving right now

As I mentioned in my list of things that make me happy, EDM is not just my favourite genre of music, but one of my favourite things in life in general. That definitely shows in this list. These are ten songs that I have recently added to my iTunes library that I am currently loving. Some of them I'll just casually listen to when I'm in the car or out walking, and others I will literally sit and listen to on repeat until I'm sick of them. I'm no music critic and I may be no good at explaining why I like a song, but when I love a song and find that I can't praise it enough, I will say literally everything I can to hype it up.
  1. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (Basic Tape Remix): My dad and I only agree on dance music about 50% of the time, but we both love a good remix, and I only found out about this particular one because he had used it in one of his 'chilled out' playlists that we were listening to in the car one day. I immediately added it to my music library as it was playing through the car stereo, and I haven't stopped listening to it since. The original song is pretty good - nothing spectacular, but quite a calm track with a good baseline that's pleasant to hear on the radio - but this remix amps up everything that was good about the original and adds in some electronic elements that I love.
  2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Fever: I only remembered that Emotion: Side B existed because The Double Agent included the whole album in his list of songs that he was embarrassed to have enjoyed in 2016. I never had a problem with Carly Rae when 'Call Me Maybe' was huge, and over the years, I've enjoyed her singles more and more ('Cut To The Feeling' might be one of the happiest songs that I've ever heard). I went back and listened to a few of the songs from Emotion: Side B, and lo and behold, I found this. So infectious, so deep and yet so light and upbeat. I love everything about this.
  3. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss: This one speaks for itself. Probably one of the best hit songs of the year so far, and definitely the song of the summer for 2018. I love Dua's voice, and Calvin's music is only getting better. 
  4. Dua Lipa - IDGAF (Hazers Remix): As much as I love Dua Lipa's voice, I always feel like her singles are missing something. This remix, like the 'Slow Hands' remix, takes everything I loved about the original and somehow made them better while creating a great dance track. I was a little lukewarm on 'IDGAF' until I heard this mix, and now, I'm always happy to hear the original on the radio.
  5. M83 - Midnight City: Not a recent song, but one that I've recently added to my library and have been gravitating towards more and more. There's something so calming about it, and it feels so familiar, like it's just always been in my life, even though I only remembered that it existed because Todd In The Shadows pointed out in a year-end list that 'Paris' by The Chainsmokers, which is another song that I love, sounds very similar to it. 
  6. Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble - This Is Me (Dave Audé Remix): I literally can't praise this enough. I had this in my library before I had seen the film, listened to the soundtrack or even heard the original song all the way through. And yes, the original is powerful and uplifting and makes me well up every time I hear it. But this remix is on another level. This is how you do self-empowerment.
  7. Chocolate Puma (feat. Chateau) - Gotta Get Away: I'm not entirely sure what it is that makes this song click for me every time I listen to it, but it makes me feel so much. Maybe it has something to do with discovering it at this particular time in my life, when I'm not sure where, or even who, I'm meant to be. All I know is that things can only keep getting better. That's what this song is: a mantra to go forward to better times, and leave toxic habits and negative attitudes behind.
  8. Alex Newell, Jess Glynne, DJ Cassidy & Nile Rodgers - Kill The Lights (Audien Remix): There are so many talented people involved in this that it could never not turn out awesome. While I found most of the songs on this list through Apple Music recommendations, I only found out about this because it was played in a dance video on Instagram, and I fell in love with the song at once. I dare anyone to listen to that drop and not immediately want to dance. It gives me goosebumps. Infectious, carefree, and such a joy to listen to. EDM at its best. 
  9. Dua Lipa - New Rules (Initial Talk Remix): Radio 2 loves this song, and so do I. The person who made this is a genius, because I never would have thought that 'New Rules' could work so well as an 80s pop song. It helps that 'New Rules' is an absolute anthem, but there was always something a little off to me about the way that it 'drops'. The remix fixes that. In case you can't tell, I love it when a remix 'fixes' a song, i.e. makes it more suited to my specific taste in music. I'm selfish like that.
  10. Ninja Sex Party - Everybody Wants To Rule The World: Confession: I've never heard the original Tears For Fears song all the way through. Another confession: I very rarely mention my love of this band to others just because they have a silly name. And yeah, they're a comedy band. Of course they have a silly name. But their Under The Covers albums are fantastic, and Dan Avidan is probably one of my favourite human beings currently alive, not even exaggerating. His voice just brings me so much joy, and although I'm not usually a fan of covers, I find myself listening to these over and over again.


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