Tuesday, 10 July 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge 10/30: Taking A Break To Talk About Poetry

I'm still so burnt out from yesterday that I'm not looking forward to writing another challenge post today, if I may be brutally honest. So, a third of the way into this challenge, I'm going to skip today's prompt (Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly) and instead share the poems that I have recently posted on my Instagram account. I feel like that'll be a little more relaxing than me ranting about the stresses of being an England supporter living in Scotland during the World Cup.

'purse poem', inspired by Instagram poet @amykaypoetry
Writing about items that you find in your bag should be mundane, and it sounds far too familiar to ever be an interesting subject for a serious poem, but once you realise what the items in your bag say about you as a person, it becomes a great deal more serious. One rummage through my bag had me wondering why I had so many pills and pens and old receipts in there, and one glance at the bag itself had me wondering why I hadn't thrown the bag away months ago, with its ripped strap and faulty drawstring. Reading other people's poems on this topic was also very intriguing: not everybody carries similar things in their bags, after all.

For full image on Instagram, click here.

'blue is a happy colour, discuss', taken at Dawlish Warren Beach
My family and I were away this weekend in the south of England for a family 'do', and if anyone here follows me on Instagram, you know that and are probably sick of all the unnecessary photos uploaded to my account over the last four days. The weather was absolutely fantastic and, since our hotel was only a short walk from the beach, I decided that I would go for a wander on my own one morning to see if the setting sparked any inspiration. It took a little longer than I thought (meaning that I was then late for lunch with my family...oops), but I eventually cobbled together these uneven rhyming stanzas. The concept is very simple: blue is generally considered a sad colour, but we commonly associate blue with happiness too, hoping for blue skies in summer and finding peace beside bodies of water. That's it, really. Looking out over the water under a gloriously clear sky, I was surrounded by blue, and I loved it.

For full image on Instagram, click here.

'where my mind goes when it goes', for @amykaypoetry's July List Poem prompt
@amykaypoetry's poems always hit me straight in the heart, and I love that she is now inspiring creativity in others by creating her own prompts for July. The prompts in question are for list poems, something that I had never tried before but have thoroughly enjoyed writing. They kept me entertained on the twelve-hour journey home yesterday, if nothing else. As a total daydreamer with a wondering mind who frequently loses interest in the world around her, it was difficult to keep this poem about random thoughts short. Had I included every thought that runs through my head every day, this list poem could easily reach triple-digit numbers. However, I stuck with the most prominent things: random observations about music, questions that are too big for me to answer, and of course, men. Each 'him' in this poem refers to a different guy, for the record, confirming my suspicions that I think about men too much. I won't give away exactly who they are. I'll just say that two of them are people I know in real life, one is a celebrity crush, and one is an ex. I'll let you make your own assumptions as to which line refers to which man. Anyone who gets it right gets a cookie.

For full image on Instagram, click here.

'if this drink could talk', for @caseywritesthings' July If Poem prompt
In the Instagram writing community, each new month is a chance to have a crack at some new writing prompts. Finding decent prompts on Instagram (or ones that suit your style of writing) can be tricky, but when you find something that stands out, you need to stick with it. @caseywritesthings has created prompts for the month of July that provoke intriguing images in the mind, and cause a poet to consider what she is asking them to write before they put pen to paper. The prompt for this particular one, as you can see by the title in the caption, was 'If this drink could talk', and as somebody who has had her fair share of drinking too much or drinking for courage, it seemed the perfect opportunity to portray alcohol as the devil on your shoulder, the evil voice in your ear that pushes you to do things that you'd rather not. Not my favourite piece that I've ever written since I feel like it's not particularly original (writing about alcohol in an original way is a challenge that would take a long time and a lot of brainstorming for me), but was nice to experiment all the same.

For full image on Instagram, click here.


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