Friday, 1 June 2018

A Fresh Start

This must be the thousandth time I’ve sat down to type out a first post on a fresh new blog. It’s a ritual as clear to me as opening up a brand new notebook, one that I chose because of its colourful cover, spiral binding and 90gsm paper, but which seemed far too perfect to write in, because to write in a notebook is to risk ruining the whole thing with a messy doodle or a sorry excuse for a poem.

But maybe messy is not a bad thing. Art is messy. Life is messy. I’m a messy person who would rather throw her clothes over the back of a chair than put them away in a drawer.

Hence this new blog. I’m diving once again into the blogosphere because, when I’m not blogging, I find myself full of ideas for potentially interesting (but in no way related) articles and opinionated pieces for which I have no outlet. So, here I go again, introducing myself to the Internet.

The last time I wrote an introduction to myself was on a WordPress blog back in late 2015, when I described myself thusly:

'I'd like to be able to describe myself in a way that makes me sound super interesting and cool, but in reality, I'm neither of those things. I'm a fairly nondescript, nineteen-year-old introvert who loves creative writing, mainstream electronic dance music and photography (if you can call snapping photos of the sunset on your iPhone "photography"). I have an unshakeable YouTube addiction, an unhealthy obsession with makeup, and an unrealistic dream of someday becoming a bestselling author. It sounds like the most overused cliché in the history of blogging, but I really am just an average girl with an average life.'

A few things have changed - I’m no longer nineteen but twenty-one, and my dream is no longer to become a bestselling author - but this description is still mostly accurate. I’m still introverted, I still adore creative writing (so much so that I have just completed my English & Creative Writing degree with a 2:1 - yay!), EDM is still my jam, and I’m still obsessed with YouTube and the culture surrounding it. 

Now that my university experience is over, I’m planning on taking on writing projects in the time that I am not working at my current full-time job. Amongst these projects is this blog, where I plan to write a little bit of everything. Here, I’ll be sharing the poetry that I post to my Instagram, the spoken word videos that I occasionally post to my YouTube channel, as well as opinionated articles, reviews, how my journey to lose weight is going…whatever I fancy writing, basically. If you fancy joining me for this wild ride, stay tuned to see whatever I post next! 


  1. Excited to see this blog and you grow together �� xx

  2. Well Done & Good Luck in following your Hopes & Dreams.
    You Go Girl!


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